Become A Podcast Guest

Thank you so much for expressing an interest in joining me on The Sports and Rehab Zone.  I look forward to learning about you and the message you want to share to our fans in The Zone!  I think this is an amazing place for you to Pay It Forward too and for others in our professions.

Who’s right for The Sports and Rehab Zone?

I’m looking for amazing Sports and Rehab Professionals who work with athletes (young, old, weekend warriors, college and Olympians to the pros) and want to take all of them from where they are to where they want to be and beyond!  We are also looking for athletes that have had an amazing journey in and out of the zone!

You have a message that must be heard… there is that provider just like you that needs to hear your message and that athlete that needs to hear that we can help them.  This is a platform to assist those wanting more out of themselves and their body.

Getting On The Sports and Rehab Zone

The First Step

  • First and foremost you must be a good fit for our listeners.  Yes it’s important that we get along but this is about those that are listening – we want to over deliver on value to this community.
  • Some of you will be referred in and for those that we have not had the pleasure of connecting with yet; please go here (yes, click here) and fill out the form so I can learn a bit about you to start this process rolling

Good… We are a match… and you’re ready to be On The Zone!

  • So we have decided that you are Natural Born Podcaster and you are ready for The Zone!
  • Booking is real easy, just use the form at the bottom and that will book you directly into my calendar.
  • We are going to need a photo of you for our website to highlight you.
    • We would love to have a professionally shot photo with the following specs:
  • You’ll receive a few reminders in the run up to the show via email.
  • What platform will we be conducting the session on:
    • Typically it will be with Skype.  My Skype ID is: docbaron1
      • Please add me as a contact as soon as possible.
      • If you do not have a Skype account – please sing up it is super easy
    • Me may also use other platforms such as:
  • Please remember: interviews aren’t “live,” they’re recorded and released after the interview date. This allows for editing if need be.
    • However if we do a Facebook Live – we are full frontal and mistakes and all!
    • Nothing to worry about – it will be easy!

Audio quality

Due to the fact Podcasting is such an auditory experience (and sometimes visual depending on the format we use) the quality our listeners love and enjoy must be of amazing value and thus the message MUST be clear.  Great audio is really easy to achieve, here’re my top tips:

  • Sit in a nice quiet room with little background noise (if at all possible)
    • Turn off your phone(s) and computer and make sure the dog doesn’t bark….
  • The Microphone is KEY – you MUST have a quality microphone to be on the show
    • Good choice – I highly recommend the Logitech Clear Chat
      • It is cheap and amazingly a great microphone and headphone combo
    • Great choice – the good thing is that the Audio-Technica ATR 2020 isn’t even that expensive but you can take it anywhere you go.  When I travel away from the office, this is the mic I use.
      • If you do one Podcast you will want to do another and this is the mic you will want to have.
  • Next on the list of importance is a good pair of headphones
    • At a minimal level you will want to go with the ear buds from your phone
    • The Logitech Clear Chat will get you set here too (2 birds with one stone)
  • If we do a live video session you will need a webcam and I need to know what the quality of your webcam is.  If it doesn’t meet the standards, we’ve got to get the Logitech C920 in your possession – believe me, it is worth it!

To Get In The Zone We’ve Got To Have A Flow To The Show

Run time approx. 30-45 minutes (flow will vary as this is a conversation, not an interview. This is the basic flow for most guests).


  • I will share your short bio then turn it over to you to fill in the blanks and provide a glimpse into your personal and professional life.

2. Kick in the Gut moment : Personal/Entrepreneurial

  • Take us to the moment in time you would consider your worst moment, either Personal or Entrepreneurial moment and tell us that STORY. We’ll expound upon lessons learned.

3. Your “Enough is Enough” moment.  Your pivot-point.

  • Take us to the moment in time when you said to yourself “That’s it, This has to change. It’s time to…” Tell us that STORY. We’ll expound upon the steps you took to turn that “I’ve Had ENOUGH!” experience into success!

4. Pay It Forward:

  • 1 – 3 Actionable steps for SNR Pros as well as Athletes can take today
  • Daily habits that make the biggest impact in your life and business?
  • What are you reading or listening to that you recommend to our Zone Listeners and why?
  • What do you feel holds most people back from living a life of Happiness, Freedom and Abundance?
  • How do you suggest our listeners to “find and get into their zone?”

5. Close it up:

  • Parting piece of guidance
  • How we can reach you?


Book the best date and time for you:

Recording: By participating in the podcast/interview, you agree to allow The Sports and Rehab Zone and Dreams Do Come True, LLC to record, distribute, and disseminate the podcast in any manner. You also agree to allow The Sports and Rehab Zone and Dreams Do Come True, LLC to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, and in all other public distribution.  It’s a whole lot of fun too!