3 Part Practice Marketing Action Plan for 2020

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How has 2019 treated you and your practice?

Have you had the success you planned for 2019 in November of 2018?

What goals are you looking to reach in 2020?

I’d love to help you reach those practice (and personal) goals without the technical stress and online marketing overwhelm.

Grab your 3 Part Practice Action Plan GO HERE

This 3 Part Practice Action Plan will help you in 2020 and moving forward by shaping your marketing with three critical steps as follows:

Business Foundation

This will help you define your ideal avatar, master our message for your patients/clients, craft the perfect offer with a solution and then turn on the system.

Business Drivers

This will help you attract, nurture and convert more of your BEST prospects into patients on your calendar using our system and processes that allow you to SELL with ZERO pressure!

Business Accelerators

This will help you rapidly scale your business using proven methods to get you on Page 1 of Google (the maps), build a Five Star Reputation, become a Content Powerhouse and Social Media Influencer along with proven and repeatable paid traffic strategies and then you Set it and Forget it!

Part of this 3 Part Practice Action Plan also includes a way to ‘self-diagnose’ your current practice and a RoadMap (see below) on how you can progress up to your Dream Practice.

3 part action plan and signature solution for your practice in 2020 3 part action plan and signature solution for your practice in 2020

So, if you’re looking for a repeatable system along with a 3 Step Practice Action Plan that takes away the technical stress and online marketing overwhelm grab it from one of the links above. This will help you map out the Ideal Patient >> Ideal Message >> Ideal Offer and then use our Online Digital Stack and Video Walkthrough to give you a great start in 2020 to generate more new patients into the practice; and especially the types of patients you really enjoy treating.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and one last time if you want to grab your 3 Part Practice Action plan for 2020 >> GRAB IT HERE!

Have a great day,


Dr. Derek T. Baron, DC, DACBSP, CSCS

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