Business or Life – Which Comes First In Your World?

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The way you answer this question may depend upon where you are currently in life and in business.

Thought 1: If you are just starting out and do not have family, many will state to GRIND and HUSTLE for business.
Thought 2: If you are in the middle of your life many will push a combo of both.
Thought 3: If you are at the twilight of your business – you should surely state… LIFE.

But to be honest, I hope no matter where you fall on this scale – CHOOSE LIFE. Your business will “almost” always be waiting for you but your life ticks by second by second, moment by moment and truthfully “life’s moment by life’s moment.”


There is so much clarity that comes into business when you have a clear vision for your life. Yes… that vision is hopefully down on paper and being lived everyday but also allow it to be fluid. Every day has intentions of being lived to the fullest but sometimes you have to pivot, shift and flow in order to get into the “ZONE!”

At the beginning of this year I made the shift in focus on my life. Has it paid off… yes in numerous ways. Best part is that the Sports and Rehab Zone has grown out of that shift. I wanted to surround myself by those who make me feel comfortable, whom I want to spend my time with (besides my family) and those who push me to be better.

I ask this of clients when we first start working together – they need a starting point and a point to strive for which helps with self-accountability.

So I ask you… What is Your VISION For Your LIFE?

What do you want to DO?

What makes you FEEL ALIVE?

Get clear on the LIFE you want and BUILD around it!

Are you up at 4:50 am before anyone else, having your cup of coffee and visualizing your day with meditation and then following that up with an early morning run or workout – your POWER HOUR?

Or are you in the gym on a walk/run after biz hours – your evening POWER HOUR?

Wait…. do you even have a POWER HOUR? If no – get one!

How about FREEDOM… deepening where you are in life (kids or no kids) are you planning for it, do you have it, do you want more of it?

When you are in your FREEDOM moments, are you going where and when and with whom you want or are you limited?

You must DESIGN your FREEDOM!

Maybe you are happy just the way you and that is awesome!

BUT…. whatever “that” is for you… GET CRYSTAL CLEAR ON WHAT YOU WANT!

Struggles in business and in life become less and less when you get CRYSTAL CLEAR!

In that Freedom Design – are you looking at:
— Your Morning Schedule (from above)
— Your Daily Schedule
— The Environment you LIVE and WORK in
— What about your IDEAL CLIENT/PATIENT

As you write this out, WHO is it that you MUST BECOME in order to achieve this FREEDOM?

Be the Very Best You that is possible to envision YOU2.0!

Once you have gotten to this place then… you begin to design your business around it to fit those desires.

Why, why really do this? So you can live the life and work the JOB you really want!

Don’t DENY what it is that DESIRE and DREAM about in your LIFE!

I was told once that when you look at TREES in the forest, they are not worried if they are the biggest, tallest or most beautiful; they are actually going for ALL of them and not worrying about another tree and what they think?

Yes, it sounds odd, but are you worried about what others will think of you? If you are STOP IT NOW!

Never let anyone or anything get in the way of your IDEAL LIFE and IDEAL BUSINESS.

If you are just starting out – DO THIS!

If you have been out in the “real world – no not the MTV world” for some time – DO THIS!

If you haven’t TODAY is the DAY! Go find a quit spot in nature or a local coffee shop and get to work on WHAT YOU WANT!

Then you start to reverse engineer it into reality.

This place you are shooting for, the IDEAL LIFE starts with a STATE OF MIND!

If you are ready to create this IDEAL LIFE and BUSINESS that follows but not sure how to achieve it – reach out.

Nothing wrong with doing it on your own but if you want help – hit me up.

Thx for taking the time to read and if you feel this was of value, feel free to share it and of course, hit me up in the comments and let me know what your IDEAL life looks like!

Don’t forget to check out our Podcast too — The Sports and Rehab Zone!

Get in Your Zone!


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