Does Your Business Have Accelerators? Part 8 Content Mastery

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Does Your Business Have Accelerators? Part 8 Content Mastery So in 2020, I am hoping the term Content is King doesn't resonate as much. Sure it's true that content is paramount in your marketing plan but QUALITY and EDUCATIONAL CONTENT IS KING. The content must be interesting and intriguing and have your prospects interested in what you have to say and then PULL them into your funnel so you can begin to build trust. You want to educate your prospects along the way in order to position yourself as the authority as well. Remember, to give value and sometimes (really most times) without expecting to get anything in return. You want to earn the respect and trust of your prospects in order to bring them into your business as they will then be a great and long-lasting client. Most of the issues that business owners have about content are HOW and WHERE do I pull it from? Well… what are the Ten (10) most common questions you are asked by your clients or patients? There are 10 pieces of content…. Or as many as you want. You can write 10 blog posts, cut 10 videos, then pull the audio out of it so actually from those 10 questions you have at least 30 pieces of content and then you can splice away to add to your social channels. Now… this is just 1 Part (Mastering Your Content) to our 9 Part System for taking our clients from A to B after we consult with them and diagnose their issues and provide them with a Plan of Action to move forward. So, if you are looking to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on the ONE THING you should be doing RIGHT NOW to scale your business using proven and repeatable Systems and Methods to get more targeted and quality new patients or clients click on the link in the BIO to watch the video on the 3 Part Action Plan or just take ACTION right away and schedule a call with me. Talk to you again soon!

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