Voice Search: Is Your Practice Poised To WIN or LOSE?

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Now, this is VERY CRITICAL if you have a service based business and the potential “need” to purchase a Google Home or Amazon Alexa device just for marketing purposes.

I’m writing this from the perspective of the medical community but you can plug this in for ANY service business.

Article Link: Google says it sold a Google Home device every second since October 19

Let’s look at this from the perspective of a chiropractor where I live in Naperville, IL.

We currently have some cold temps (really, who doesn’t right now) and a light dusting of snow on the ground. “John Doe” (a potential patient of anyone in Naperville) is out for a walk on a Sunday afternoon and right in front of his house he slips and falls. John is able to crawl into the house and he is in a lot of pain. He is able to make it to the couch and asks his wife, Jane to get him some ice.

SIDE NOTE: Yes… “ice is nice” for the first 24-48 hours with any injury.

Now it just so happens that, Jane also purchased one of these Google Home devices for the Doe family over Christmas. As John lays on the couch he asks a simple question of said device, “OK Google, find a chiropractor near me?”

Google is going to provide John (the voice searcher) results for someone that is:

  1. In close geographic location to where his Google Home device is
  2. Is found in the Google Maps area (3 Pack Section)

Now, if you are a Chiropractor in Naperville that lives near John (or a you are a chiropractor that lives in “any” city in “any”state near a potential patient that has the same issue(s) like John, please pay very close attention.

This is a C.R.A.Z.Y. ==> Big LOSS or BIG Opportunity…

Which end of the spectrum are you at?

But…. IF your practice:

  1. Is NOT found in the Google 3 Pack, you are >> S.O.L.
  2. Does not have more reviews than your competitors, you are >> S.O.L.
  3. Does not have a relevant site or social presence, you are >> S.O.L.

Let’s dissect each of the 3 points above (See video review below):

First: Is your practice found in The Google 3 Pack?

  • Just like you can ask Google Home (or Alexa) you can also ask your mobile device.  When I speak on Local Search and Reputation I always ask the audience to give it a shot right then and there OR to make sure they go back to their office and do it on Monday morning.
  • This SEARCH is THE MOST important search you can do on your phone and it will be a MAKE or BREAK result. Just simply ask Siri or Google: “Find a chiropractor near me.”
    • If your practice is found in the Google Maps 3 Pack – you are in luck
    • If NOT – you need to get some Local SEO HELP
      • BUT…do you have more reviews than your competitors?

Second: Do You Have A Five Star Practice?

  • Yes this is the foundation of your practice – when your practice is found in Google and even in Facebook – do you have a LOT of reviews?
  • You can see if you are a Five Star Practice
  • We also offer a Reputation System called Five Star Practices.

Third: Is your website and are your social media channels up to date?

  • All too often practices have very old and outdated websites and if you were more honest with yourself – you’d say they were UGLY and went out with the 90’s (yes some are that old!)
  • People are looking for Docs and Practices that are keeping up with the times and your website is one of the first places they will look. Once they are there, is the site easy to navigate, easy to read and does it have educational content on the site with with videos (maybe even a podcast too).
  • THEN… they will look for your Social Media Channel Icons and then go searching. If they do that, what will they find on your Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or LinkedIn or YouTube Channel.
  • Are you consistently adding content, if not why not? If you want to see our special offer on our Social Chiro program go here Chiro Content D4U.

Watch the Video Review:

CRITICAL NOTE: 3 months ago we purchased an Amazon Alexa device and I asked her this same question and her response was, “I’m sorry but I do not have that information.” I asked her again today… and she replied back with 4 chiropractors ALL within short driving distance to my home.

Of course, I’d love to read your thoughts on this as well and if have any concerns about your practice or business and how you can take advantage of the “voice search” I’m here for you.

Happy New Year as well!

If you don’t have Google Home yet (or Alexa – you may want to consider). This is the type of fun that can ensue once you have it in your home and try to learn how to use it. Watch this Italian Grandma experience Google Home WATCH.

As always feel free to ask questions or shoot me a message if you need any help.

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