Does Your Business Have Accelerators? Part 9 SEO Playbook

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Does Your Business Have Accelerators? Part 9 SEO Playbook This is by far the most boring, complicated and needed aspect of your business and that is why most just let it slide! This is also why it is the VERY LAST section of our process for the clients that we focus on. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is difficult because it is an ever changing target. So once you get good and dialed in on your keywords and your content to get in the favors of Google….. BOOM, they just change the algorithm and then your no longer on the top. SEO can be costly because it takes a minimum of 3 months to show a positive effect and it is more likely a 6 month window (video helps bring that window down much quicker) and then after 6 months most people get tired of not getting results right away so… they stop. Think of SEO as a bell curve where when you start you are at the bottom left and as you gain the leverage you begin to creep up to the top you then when you quit doing SEO… you slide down the slope. Now… this is just 1 Part (The SEO Playbook) to our 9 Part System for taking our clients from A to B after we consult with them and diagnose their issues and provide them with a Plan of Action to move forward. So, if you are looking to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on the ONE THING you should be doing RIGHT NOW to scale your business using proven and repeatable Systems and Methods to get more targeted and quality new patients or clients click on the link in the BIO to watch the video on the 3 Part Action Plan or just take ACTION right away and schedule a call with me. Talk to you again soon!

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