Does Your Business Have Drivers? Part 4 Your Lead Magnet

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Does Your Business Have Drivers? Part 4 Your Lead Magnet Once your foundation is set (Part 1-3), now you start to focus on the drivers for the business and these are what are used to begin to have a conversation with your prospects. Driver #1 is your Lead Magnet. If you've heard about "funnels" this is where it all starts because it is your 1st piece of educational material that your prospects will see from you and it is a great way to start the relationship off on the right foot. So this is what we can an ATTRACTION component to your funnel – grab their attention and ultimately their information for you to set up a new patient consultation, initial trial treatment or even a 4 Part Video Series about X, Y or Z. MOST business will ASK before they GIVE. We want to flip that and OFFER/GIVE the prospect something of VALUE 1st and that is where the Lead Magnet comes into play. We want to use this lead magnet to help SOLVE one, two or three of your prospects problems before they even enter your business and thus again, building the trust. We want you to use this to stand OUT from the crowd of competitors in your market. Now… this is just 1 Part (The Lead Magnet) to our 9 Part System for taking our clients from A to B after we consult with them and diagnose their issues and provide them with a Plan of Action to move forward. So, if you are looking to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on the ONE THING you should be doing RIGHT NOW to scale your business using proven and repeatable Systems and Methods to get more targeted and quality new patients or clients click on the link in the BIO to watch the video on the 3 Part Action Plan or just take ACTION right away and schedule a call with me. Talk to you again soon!

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