Part 2 >> Does your business have a Foundation

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Does Your Business Have A Foundation? Part 2 >> Your Message It is still irrefutable in the fact that your business needs a foundation but one of the most critical parts is how do you get your MESSAGE across to those you want to attract to your business? Part 1 talks about the Ideal Avatar…. So once you know who the Ideal Patient/Client is that you want to attract – you now need a message to grab their attention and bring them into your world. You also want to use this message to deter those that don't fit the message away from your business. Yes, believe it or not, there are some people you do not want into your practice so why spend the time and money to market to them. If… you only like to work with Medicare patients – ALL of your marketing efforts should be directed at them. If… you only like to work with kids – ALL of your marketing must speak to them, about them and to their parents and the benefits and values they would receive when they come to your business. If… you only want to work with athletes – ALL of your marketing should be directed to them from the look, feel and most importantly the message. Now… this is just 1 Part (The Message) to our 9 Part System for taking our clients from A to B after we consult with them and diagnose their issues and provide them with a Plan of Action to move forward. So, if you are looking to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on the ONE THING you should be doing RIGHT NOW to scale your business using proven and repeatable Systems and Methods to get more targeted and quality new patients or clients click on the link in the BIO to watch the video on the 3 Part Action Plan or just take ACTION right away and schedule a call with me. Talk to you again soon!

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