4 Ways to set Your New Year Resolutions up for Success

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Set Goals and Stick to Them This Year!

Did you know that about 92% of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions within the first few months of the year? Fortunately, you are not one of those people. When you set goals, you want to achieve them, especially when they’re related to your health and fitness.

Now that the New Year is here, we’re sharing a few of our favorite tips to set your resolutions up for success. Let’s dive in. 

4 Ways to Crush Your Resolutions This Year

#1: Identify Your Previous Sticking Points

If you want to meet your goals this year, one of the most important things you can do is identify the things that have stopped you from meeting them in the past. For example, have you bitten off too much and become overwhelmed by your goals? Has your work schedule gotten in the way? There’s a solution to each of these issues, but you have to know what you’re dealing with, first. 

#2: Surround Yourself With Accountability

Part of the reason people don’t maintain their goals is that they don’t have the support or accountability they need to succeed. Nobody knows if they skip a week at the gym, for example. To keep yourself on track, build accountability around your goals. Hiring a personal trainer is one great way to do this, as is developing a group of workout buddies to get fit with. 

#3: Make it Easy 

The easier it is to work out, the more likely you are to stick with it. With this in mind, keep your gym bag in your car – fully stocked with clean clothes, snacks, and anything else you need to crush your workout. Schedule and pay for your classes in advance, or invest in some home fitness equipment that puts your workout right at your fingertips. 

#4: Reward Yourself for the Small Wins

Meeting your goals should be fun. That said, be sure to celebrate when you hit a milestone. What’s a month of consistent workouts worth to you? A nice dinner? Those new shoes? Whatever it is, schedule rewards into your fitness calendar to keep yourself motivated. 

Want to meet your personal or business fitness goals this year?

Our team provides the accountability and experience you need to get there. Give us a call today to learn more.

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